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30 Days of Small Business: A Guide for Supporting Small Businesses During a Pandemic

As our city braces for the spread of COVID-19, small business owners are experiencing heightened anxiety as the directives of social distancing will more than affect their profitability, but their ability to stay open at all. West Michigan has many local establishments that add to the culture of what makes Grand Rapids a place where people want to be. As a way to show support for many of our clients and friends, Menuha Studios in collaboration with GRNOW has put together a guide for how you can support the local business during this pandemic.  

  1. Make a List of Your Favorite Local Places. Make a list of your favorite places and make a decision to try and support 1 business a day for the next month
  2. Order Take-Out: Many restaurants are still operating and needing people to order food! Consider ordering take out and enjoy your food from your home. Many apps like Grubhub and Ubereats are offering free delivery fees during this time.  
  3. Purchase Gift Cards: Give your favorite local business some love by purchasing a gift card you can use at a later date. This will increase their cash flow as their business is slow and helps make sure the small business can survive the pandemic. 
  4. Give an Online Review or Invite Your Friends to Like a Page: If you can’t afford to spend money to help out a small business, consider giving your favorite business reviews on Yelp, Google and Facebook. This will help keep their online presence visible and keep marketing momentum during this time full of environmental business threats.
  5. Think Local First When You Make an Online Purchase: Before you go to Amazon for your next purchase consider checking your local businesses to see if they can help you fulfill the purchase. Many businesses have e-commerce platforms that make it easy to support them from the comfort of your own home. Do a simple google search of what you are looking for and add “near me” to the search to find something local.  
  6. Support Your Local Fitness Studio Online. Many local studios are closing their doors but opening online options. Choose a studio you love and work out with them in your living room. This isn’t just good for your health- but the existence of their business.

It will be a community effort to ensure the local business community of Grand Rapids doesnโ€™t fracture during this time of crisis. Do your part to not only support the important work of non-profits serving those most vulnerable, but also the businesses that help create a strong local economy.


  1. Barb Reimbold

    Great suggestions! Small businesses are getting hit hard right now. This is also a helpful reminder to keep small businesses in mind, and intentionally choose to support them.

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