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Meet Brittany Jacobson

Brittany Jacobson is the founder and owner of Created Free a social enterprise that works to provide resources to women experiencing exploitation through various means of prevention, outreach, and holistic spiritual care.

Created Free began 6 years ago as an outreach ministry to women in the sex industry. Brittany Jacobson and her volunteer organization spent the first 4 years consistently connecting with women who had experienced human trafficking or some kind of sexual exploitation. They provided the women with a friendly face, kind words, and needed personal supplies.

After several years, it became clear to Jacobson and her staff that the best way to serve the women they encountered in strip clubs, massage parlors, and on the street was to provide them with resources to leave if that is what they wanted. They started by bringing cupcakes to club bouncers- eventually building enough relationships to meet the women who work there. 

“I feel like there’s a constant pressure to sell our products because it’s not just about me or our team  – it’s about the girls we serve. My fear is not being able to provide sustainable employment to women who desperately need it to get back onto their feet after trauma,” explains Jacobson.

Jacobson and her team do not let this fear stand in their way of coming up with creative solutions to serve the survivors they employ. They’ve grown to serve more communities in the state of Michigan, created new products to sell to support their mission, and successfully find volunteers to serve.

For both the survivors and Created Free as a business, “the sky is the limit,” says Jacobson. They are excited about the future, even during these uncertain times, because there is so much to look forward to – life with dignity, safety, and security. 

To support Created Free consider donating to their crowdfunding campaign or purchase a t-shirt or sweatshirt

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