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Meet Abbie

Abbie Sterling started her business, Gettin’ Fresh, about 5 years ago. “A friend was a passionate home cook and mentioned opening a food truck. I had always wanted to learn the business side of operating a small business,” says Abbie of their partnership and early days of the company. 

Gettin’ Fresh debuted as one of the first Food Trucks in Grand Rapids and their focus has always been on sourcing quality, unprocessed ingredients as locally as possible. “We like to call it “A Midwest Twist on Healthy” because we are always tempted to add gravy (but we don’t……always)!”

While Abbie and the team are passionate about offering fresh, local ingredients, she acknowledges that much of the public wants something different. While trends are moving in a healthy direction, she explains that the “majority of the general public wants cheap unhealthy food.” 

One of their biggest fears as a business owner continues to be client acquisition, both because of these public desires as well as time. 

“As a food service business owner it’s easy to be completely consumed with the logistics and not have the time or budget to network and market the services we offer,” Abbie explains. “Preparing food whether it’s for a food truck service, lunch delivery, or private event – catering takes so much planning and perfectly timed execution.”

Growing the business has been a steep learning curve. Abbie says, “Starting the business with zero restaurant ownership knowledge has resulted in years of trial and error. It’s been interesting to see the progress over the years.” 

Abbie recently looked back at their original business plan and was amazed at how much the company has accomplished and what has changed. “You never know where your business will need to shift but you have to be ready and keep your mind open to changes.”

Like most small business owners right now, Abbie has needed to pivot and adjust business operations to accommodate new guidelines and requirements for food service during the current global pandemic. In the last month, Abbie and her team began offering delivery and take-out options, including a special Easter meal, to serve the community in a new way during the pandemic and to keep the business afloat. 

As the summer food truck season inches closer in Grand Rapids, Abbie and the team are hopeful they can still get out there and do what they love. 
Gettin’ Fresh is currently offering a weekly menu for delivery/pick-up and donations to a meal for front-line staff. You can visit their website

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