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Meet Barb

Barb Reimbold has been helping businesses grow for over 20 years. Two years ago, she left the corporate world to start her own coaching business and uses EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to serve her clients.

“I wanted to help small and mid-sized business owners get everything they want from their business,” explains Barb. She wanted to work with people she enjoys spending time with daily and to help them make an impact and get results.

Barb comes from a non-traditional entrepreneurial background and is constantly curious and researching new ways to provide value to her clients. 

“I came across EOS, and the holistic system, practical tools, and timeless concepts were exactly what I was looking for to create real, simple impact for my clients,” Barb shares.

EOS focuses on vision, data, process, traction, issues, and people to get businesses and leadership teams aligned. Looking at your business through the EOS compartmentalization, and working to strengthen each of those 6 components, helps owners become more effective and focus energy in the right place.

Barb will help business owners get better at vision, traction, and healthy to ensure the team is all on the same page with where they are going, they are achieving their goals with accountability and discipline, and they are now working within a healthy and cohesive team.

Even with her training and extensive background, Barb shares her big obstacle is her internal self-doubt. “My business is helping businesses get unstuck, to break through the ceiling when they hit one, to find a way to achieve their dreams.  I know anything is possible if you’re willing to work for it.  And I’ve helped my clients achieve some amazing results!!” she explains. 

“However, as they say, ‘the cobbler needs new shoes.’ I work hard to keep self-doubt at bay and am getting comfortable with putting myself out there.”

While Barb works through her self-doubt, she’s been able to help businesses grow 20% in 3 years; merged competitive dealerships together successfully in 90 days; and restructured internal business models in 6 months, driving profitability for the first time.

Barb is excited about Pivotal Blueprint and the potential her clients have for success. Working together with leadership teams and entrepreneurs, she is making a positive difference in Grand Rapids.

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