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Meet Melissa

meet melissa haveman

Creatively Centered has been operating with the expertise of Melissa Haveman for just under a year now. Melissa started her business because she had previous experience with coaching and knew how powerful it could be in helping people move forward and feel confident in their skills, but the timing was less than ideal.

“Jumping into a new business without much preparation is always an adventure. I’m not sure I’d recommend that to many people, particularly when the first year of business coincides with a pandemic,” explains Melissa. “But it gave me plenty of opportunities to challenge myself and try new things. An unexpected career change requires resilience, a willingness to make mistakes, a healthy dose of stubbornness, and the ability to laugh at yourself every day.”

The biggest fears Melissa has faced in her new business are doubt and others’ perceptions. She says, “like all creative things, if no one buys this creative thing I’ve done, it feels like it reflects back that no one sees value in me.”

Like many other entrepreneurs, Melissa has had to overcome her feelings of doubt and self-worth.

“I am the queen of doubt,” Melissa claims. “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t feel doubt about myself and whatever I was doing. For me, the biggest game-changer was when I stopped seeing doubt as bad.”

Melissa developed a strategy to use doubt to help her be more creative and make better decisions. She now helps her clients to use doubt constructively without feeling bad about themselves or their work through the use of personality assessments and coaching.

“There is something so powerful about seeing your strengths and skills reflected in black and white on the page,” Melissa says. “Not only do you get to know yourself better, but there are so many a-ha moments when you start applying your strengths more intentionally.”

Her best advice for clients and other entrepreneurs? “There is so much advice out there that is filtered through their experience,” explains Melissa. “We are so conditioned to look to others for answers and to look for the magic ‘one-thing’ that will change everything.”

In other words, “trust your gut!” 

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