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Meet Marcy

Marcy VanDenburg has been working her business for 8 years. She loves health and nutrition and found Zija and Isagenix with options to help support her clients on their journeys toward better lives.

Marcy opened her business because “I love helping others feel great!” she explains. However, things have changed quite a bit since she started, particularly with technology. In fact, one of her biggest fears and challenges has been learning how to use new online tools.

“My daughter is a computer science major and so I often ask her for help,” Marcy shares. “I also google a lot!”

To help better support her clients, Marcy has put time and effort into learning the platform Kajabi, which helps her create business and marketing tools. She also is slowly but surely growing her online presence and community on YouTube. 

According to Pew Research, technology has changed significantly in the last decade, particularly as it pertains to business operations. For example, social media use has increased by 67% since 2005, and smartphone use has increased by 45% in the same time frame. These tech platforms have contributed to what is now known as the “gig economy,” creating new businesses and jobs, like online marketplaces.

Even with all the learning curves and new technology, Marcy is “grateful and happy” to help her clients with their health and fitness. You can connect with Marcy on YouTube.

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