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Meet Alexis

Alexis Boyden started Creative Advocacy Solutions for Education (CASE) about a year ago. Their goal is to provide support, guidance, and help to navigate the world of special education for families and schools. They offer advocacy for students and professional development for teachers and administrators. They collaborate with schools, families, and educators enabling them to appropriately meet the needs of all students in the classroom.

Alexis worked for 15 years in schools. She gained experience and knowledge of how to best serve students and their parents. “I didn’t want that to go to waste, so I decided to shift gears and work for families, and help them navigate eduspeak and legalese surrounding special education,” she says.

The transition from working within the school system to being a consultant and advocate from the outside has been challenging. Alexis explains, “I fear people will think I am less genuine if I talk about my expertise. The biggest fear I have is putting myself out there and believing others want to hear from me.”

While she navigates the uncertainty that comes with opening a new business in a niche field, Alexis has received positive testimonies from the families she’s worked with. CASE is collaborative, service-oriented, and gives her an opportunity to be creative in her approach.

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